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So why invest in gold? Because with the markets going haywire, and investors concerned that their savings could disappear in a puff of smoke, a growing number of people are choosing to transfer their money into something more tangible than a bank account.

Owning Gold is best seen as a Protection Against Financial Instability and if you want to minimize the risk from the financial upheaval that we're seeing around the world just now, stick to the metal. Gold's appeal is that it is less prone to the fluctuations of the global market and its value is fixed twice a day by the five members of the London Gold Pool. Gold is a traditional safeguard and will always remain an attractive investment. As of 1st of January 2000 gold became Exempt From Capital Gain Tax throughout the entire EU.

From a financial point of view, owning gold is safer and recommended than owning shares in gold mines which expose you to their price own credit risks, or owning gold jewelry in which the metal will be less pure than investment-grade gold. Investment gold is gold in its highest purity form known as 99.999% (999.9) or Forth Nine Fine Gold and is trading on the bullion market. AGR Financial trades in such gold only.


Is your financial future in someone else’s hands?

In current time when state pension funds are in huge shortage, banks cannot be trusted with deposits and governments are in the worst economic condition. >>>

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